Acts of the Lovers of the Prophet Muhammad: Peak of Perfection of Faith.

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"O Umar, for the Essence of myself in his hands, you do not fully believe until you love me more than yourself."

The wind spread the city of Medina who the cold but dry and fierce piercing to the bone. The sun grew inch by inch rise. As with any war feelings, malakul death began to take a life of the Prophet Muhammad from the head.

Prophet felt pain when he lives up to the center. Forehead and entire face of noble sweat. Tensed veins of second by second. Biting her lip, the Prophet turned to the angel Gabriel. His eyes were moist, light grew dim. Gabriel told him to say, 'Oh Gabriel, what a pain. How terrible pain of death breathe...."

Gabriel quickly threw his face. His heart was troubled to see the event. "Yes Gabriel, why do you turn? Do you hate to see my face?" Prophet asked anxiously. "No, O Messenger of Allah," replied the officer bearers of revelation.

Holding hands the noble Prophet, then he said, "Who bear witness her beloved of God in these circumstances? Who has the heart to see you in pain?"

It seems the pain was more peaked. Her whole body shivered Prophet. Her face was white and added veins tightened. In extreme penanggungannya, the Prophet SAW said, "Yes Rabbi, what a pain. Oh my God, death timpakanlah breathe this pain only to me, and not to my people."

Gabriel gasped. Once the Chosen personal glorious. Within seconds, the second most serious and torture, rather than self-interest demanded. But the priority interests of his people. If the Prophet Muhammad demanded that the pain was lifted, surely Allah will grant his request. But he prefers to suffer the petition was not against his people. Which creature has a mind like Baginda altitude Prophet?
Still clear in our minds the story of the mountain guardian angels who ask permission to the Prophet Muhammad to destroy the population Ta'if. Would split the earth, shaken earthquake, so they buried all, as a reward for their acts of injustice to the Prophet Muhammad. However, with extraordinary patience, the Prophet SAW said, "Do not be that hard, O angel of God. Who knows, if they do not want to believe, the children will believe? And if the children do not want too, I expect their grandchildren will accept Islam as his religion. "

Meanwhile, the Angel of Death has claimed the lives of King SAW up to his chest. His breathing was already crowded. Suddenly the Prophet Muhammad with a dimmer view of shivering and turned to his companions and said, "Uushiikum bisshalaati wa ma malakat aimanukum (wasiatkan to you I pray and those who become tanggunganmu. Keep them well)."

The situation grew worse. All my friends who attended her head down, so do not hold sadness. Body Baginda SAW turned cold. Almost all are not moving again. Her eyes are glazed only opened slightly. The eyes were staring at the ceiling.

At the end of his breath, 'Ali ibn Abi Talib, the Prophet Muhammad has moved his lips turned blue twice. Quickly he put his ear to the lips of the Prophet Muhammad. He heard the Prophet called out, "my people... my people..."

After calling this the Prophet's death in Monday Jumadil Awwal month. Then burst into tears of mourning throughout. A savior has died. Her love for people brought up to the end of life, and will be brought up to the meadow mahsyar.

So, what about us, his flock, which was so loved? Thanks to the struggle he is dead tired, we can drink in good faith and Islam. Could we ignore the love?

Once upon a time in a history he said, "How I miss them."

The friend was shocked. They're jealous, because the Messenger of others rather than miss them.

"Who the hell do you miss, so the Messenger of Allah? Are we?" they asked curiously.

"It's not. You are my friend, you fight with me. Of course I love you."

"Is the malaiakat God?"
"Not...," King said.

"And who, O Messenger of Allah?"

"They are my people later. They've never met me, but they follow the Sunnah, with full faith sunnahku. Their hearts filled with love for me."

Who is Prophet Muhammad? No other is his people who lived centuries after the Prophet's death. Among us. The question now is, how we love him right? To whom do we learn to love him?

Umar ibn al-Khattab

The best examples are the Companions of the Prophet Muhammad. They lived during the Prophet and made him as a beacon Sirah and lamps that illuminate the road in front of them. Realizing the importance of the imitation of him, they were followed in all problems, big or small. They draw from, enjoy, and take shelter under his exemplary.

Their love of the Prophet Muhammad more than their love of wealth, wives, children, and even themselves. One day, in the morning, 'Umar ibn al-Khattab met the Prophet Muhammad. Prophet greeted his friend with sumringah, "Bagaiamana feeling this morning, O my friend, Omar?"
"Praise, O Messenger of Allah, this morning I was in a state of faith."

Prophet Muhammad asked, "Who are you more love, your children or me?"

Umar replied, "Of course my kids, ya Allah. They are my jewels. Blood flesh. How could I not love them more than you?"

"Then, you do not believe with all your heart, O my friend."

The next day, Sayyidina Umar Baginda met again with the Prophet, and he asked again, "How did this morning, my friend?" "This morning I, being a believer, so the Messenger of Allah."

"Then, where the more you love, yourself or me?" asked the Prophet Muhammad.
"O Messenger of Allah, indeed, I love you more than my property and my family, except me."

"O Umar, for the Essence of myself in his hands, you do not fully believe until you love me more than yourself."

Until, one day, Umar rushed towards the Prophet Muhammad. "O Messenger of Allah... now I love you more than all-gelanya. Mencitaimu exceed the love I told myself," Umar said, crying emotion.

Rasulullah was hugging his beloved friend and said, "Now, O Umar, now...," said the Messenger of Allah, which means, at the time of Sayyidina Umar faith has reached perfection.

Abu Bakr Siddiq

That love of friends to Raulullah SAW, which reflects the soundness of faith in their chests. Like the Abu Bakr Siddiq. Prophet's best friend proves his love for the times when the Prophet facing hard times. That is when the Prophet Muhammad preparing to migrate to Yathrib, or Medina.

"I'm with you, I'm with you, O Prophet of Allah!" Abu Bakr said. Likewise, when they were pursued by the youths of Quraysh who want to kill them. They hid in the cave........

When the Prophet Muhammad was fatigue, Abu Bakr provide for Prophet Muhammad's lap lie. That's when his leg was stung by a poisonous snake. Because of the very deep love, he did not dare to complain or lament, for fear of the most beloved people will wake up.

When the young men of Quraysh had reached the mouth of the cave, Abu Bakr looked very scared. So the Prophet was comforting, because that's when ma'iyatullah (help of God) with them. "Do not you be sad, Allah is with us." - At-Tawbah (9): 40. Then Rasulullah SAW said, "O Abu Bakr, what do you think about the two people with God as the third?"

That's true love, true feelings, and faith in, so that Abu Bakr was always known as the immortal words, "If he says so, then right."

He confirmed the Prophet Muhammad in everything and agree with him on everything. He took the treasure in the love of God and the Prophet Muhammad, so wear clothing that is very simple.

Khadija RA

Similarly, Khadija Umm al-Mu'minin RA, noble, noble woman who was passionate about the Prophet Muhammad. Creature was he who always helped the Prophet Muhammad, his spirit is always encouraging to keep preaching. Covered, love, and support it, because a deep impulse to love this creature, human being reliable and honest.

He tells the famous words, "Rejoice, O my uncle's son! Teguh careful you are. By the Essence of the soul Khadija was in his hand, I really hope you become a prophet of this people. By Allah, he will not menghinakanmu forever. What you are a friendship that always connect, speak true, sympathize the poor, entertain guests, and help for the things right. "

Rasulullah also very loyal to him. Look at how he defended Khadija Umm al-Mu'minin RA when Aisha, who was jealous because he is often called Khadija RA, said to him, "He is no more just an old woman. God has been replaced for you better than he."

Said the Prophet Muhammad because of loyalty to this lady, as well as glorify and honor him, "By Allah, Allah will not replace me better than he. He believed me when none of the people who believe in me. He membenarkanku when people mendustaiku. He helped me when people let me. " Khadija RA loved him, that God loved him and honor him.

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