As High Priest Knowing Gorontalo death

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Had just arrived at the sixth cycles, Roni Kiai was moved from prostration prayer.

Behold, the man will not know when the angel of death would pick him up. Because the case mate, rizqi, and the arrival of death, only God knows.

So what if there are people who can feel the signs of death, as happened to one of the Great Mosque of the high priest, Baiturahim, Gorontolo?

Wednesday night (26 / 8), completed lead the Isha prayer, the kiai, Kiai Roni Gobel, who should lead the Tarawih prayers, asking replaced by other priests.

Like to know will his departure to the eternal nature, Kiai Roni chose to ma'mum, may interfere with ongoing hawatir Tarawih prayers when he was suddenly picked up by the angel of death.

Meanwhile, such high faith in him kept him berjama'ah follow Tarawih prayers even coming to feel pain in his chest.

Sure enough, just until the sixth cycles in the Tarawih prayer, Kiai Roni was moved from sujudnya. Two people jama'ah located on the right and left ventured to see and then wake him.
Inna lillahi wa Inna Ilaihi Rajiun.... Apparently Kiai Roni gone. Nuance also dominate the atmosphere sad. His body was removed to the room directly next to the pulpit. Tarawih cycles continue until the 20th.

Done Tarawih, Roni Kiai bodies buried directly in the funeral home, and Thursday morning (27/ 8) was interred in the Mausoleum of Sultan Botutihe Complex, behind the Mosque Baiturahim, Gurontalo.

Hopefully worship charity accepted by God and get the best of places in his side. Amen. GNN

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