Islamic Leaders Break their Fast with Japanese Ambassador

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Momentum Ramadhan used as a vehicle to enhance the friendship between Japan and Indonesia.

Many ways that can be done to demonstrate the religious tolerance. One of them made the Japanese Ambassador to Indonesia, Kojiro Shiojiri, who invited a number of Islamic clerics and Muslim intellectuals in the buka puasa together at his residence, Jalan Daksha V No. 82-84, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, on Friday (28 / 8).

Invite them delivered to the Chairman of KH Hasyim Muzadi, Muhammadiyah chairman Din Syamsuddin, rector of Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta Komaruddin Hidayat, leader of Pesantren Darunnajah, Ulujami, South Jakarta, Pondok Pesantren Leaders Buntet, Cirebon, West Java.

Assistant and Spokesperson Japanese Ambassador said Atsushi Sano, breaking fast at the event will be held with the dialogue, which is expected to increase harmony Japan-Indonesia relations, and cultural performances of both countries.

During the Japanese consider this, cooperation with Indonesia is very strategic. Sakura country continues to make various efforts and concrete steps to enhance bilateral ties Asia's great.

Under the leadership of Ambassador Kojiro Shiojiri since May 2008, Embassy of Japan initiated a series of activities oriented to the development of strategic relations of cooperation, both formally with the government of Indonesia or informally, directly with the people of Indonesia, for example, a series of visits to various boarding schools and schools.

global nusantara news

In 2006, the government of Indonesia and Japan have initiated the joint declaration "Strategic Partnership" between the two countries in order to realize a future of peace and prosperity. Hubunga cooperation between the two countries also strengthened by a shared commitment to realize the EPA (Economic Partnership Agreement), which will be effective in the near future.

Declaration of cooperation with Japan-Indonesia, the two countries attempt to tackle various problems in the field of defense and security and global terrorism.

"The Embassy of Japan placed Indonesia as a very important partner. And we are determined to continue to build strategic partnership with Indonesia with respect to relationships between people," said Sano.

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